Shopfitting shelving system (Intrac AM X35)


The Intrac shelving system with its special elements is suitable for the presentation of any products in  supermarkets or specialised stores. It offers a professional solution for grocery stores but also for book and CD shops, and shops specialized in textiles, household chemicals, perfumes, sports goods, electric components also hardware stores and many others.

Following the necessities of its clients, the manufacturer focused not only on product placement through the innovation of the shelving systems. The laminated panels give the high load capacity Intrac shelving systems an exclusive appearance.



Optional accessories:

– plynth covers
– plastic price rails
– price rail inserts in various colors
– wooden price rail
– double back wall (for the visible side of wall mounted shelves)
– perforated back wall
– hooks for the perforated back wall
length: 200/250/300/400
simple and double versions, or with a T ending

– big load capacity consoles
– bars for coat hangers
– book and CD racks
– newspaper and magazine racks
– lockable glass display with lighing
– upper frieze with colored front ornament
– metal or wooden grill shelves
– metal or wooden baskets
– gravity shelves
– chrome front grills:
length: 650/1000/1250/1325 mm
height: 25 or 75 mm

– chrome separating grills:

length: 300/400/500/600 mm
height: 25 vagy 75 mm

Element sizes: 650 mm, 1000 mm, 1250 mm, 1325 mm
Corner profiles: inner and outer 45°, inner and outer  90°
Column height: 1098 mm -2988 mm
Shelf depth: 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm
Structure height: 160 mm
The sleves are tiltable in 3 positions, height adjustable in 35 mm steps.

Shelf size     650 mm     1000 mm     1250 mm    1325 mm

300 mm         87 kg           135 kg           168 kg          179 kg

400 mm        117 kg           180 kg          225 kg         238 kg

500 mm        146 kg           225 kg          281 kg         298 kg

600 mm        160 kg          270 kg          337 kg          357 kg