Custom-built shock freezing

Shock freezing
Brief presentation of the shock freezing technology:
The shock freezing equipment is the most important element of the cold tehnology, with the whole manufacturing system relying on it.
The essence of the shock freezing lies in the freezing of a ready-baked or half-baked product in a minimum amount of time. By shock freezing we understand freezing a product from a given temperature (ie. fresh out of the oven at 180°C) to a temperature way below the freezing point, the ideal is reaching a product core temperature around -18…-22°C in less than an hour.

Custom built coldrooms
By their functionality they can be:
– Tunnel system
– Manual operation with a capacity
of up to 6 carts
– Automatic conveyor operation for a capacity above 6 carts
– Intermittent action

Coldroom body
– Insulating composite panels
– With galvanised steel or stainless steel plates inside and out, 0.45 mm thick.
– Nominal width of 1160 mm
– Freon free Polyuretane foam filling, 41kg/m3 specific load weight, with 0 CFC or HCFC content.
– White color coating (RAL 9010) with a 30 micron thickness polyester based paint.
– The joining of the parts is done with the nut-feder technique.
– Thanks to its constructual shaping and exact geometrical design, the joints are flat and precise.
– Nominal panel thicknesses for shock freezing: 120 mm
– The panels are made with the most modern, continuous foaming technique with double cylinders
– Maximum panel height: 9m
– Integrated gasket
We fit our custom coldrooms with two types of doors: sliding doors (manual or automatic) and normal hinged doors.
Normal hinged doors:
One wing door with anti lock protection on the inside, 140 mm door panel thickness. Doors with doorstep and heated doorframe.
Sliding doors
Cold room sliding doors with stainless steel frame and rails, lock mechanism, anti lock system on the inside. 120 door panel thickness. Doors with doorstep and heated doorframe.
Cooling equipment
Scaled up for continuous usage.
We use semi-hermetic compressors from the leading West-European manufacturers. We also use condensing units developed by us, which have proven a very good efficiency thanks to their high performance honeycomb structure.

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